Budweis 2028 Podcast - Episode 3

Water brings people together. Swimmer Arnošt Petráček may only like swimming in pools and he is not afraid to criticise the one we have in Budweis, but he also loves living near the water, just like blogger Budějčanda. In their conversation, they exchange a lot of interesting tips on where to go or what to try in Budweis. Both of them are supporting the candidacy of Budweis for the European Capital of Culture 2028 as ambassadors.

Budweis 2028 Podcast - Episode 2

Traveller and writer Ladislav Zibura and model and influencer Jitka Nováčková grew up in Budweis and even attended classes together at one of the local high schools. How do they perceive Budweis culture and where do they see opportunities for its development? 

Budweis 2028 Podcast- Episode 1

The writer and journalist Markéta Lukášková and the actor, director and recently turned writer, Jirka Mádl, are two well-known Budweis locals who are really close to the culture. How do they reflect on their lives in the city, where did they go to find culture, what do they think Budweis excels at and what is it missing? Tune in to the first episode of our podcast!