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🛹 SKATEHOLDERS FORUM is the second phase within the skate section of the EHMK. A week packed with skate jams, panel discussions, exhibitions, workshops, and evening entertainment, all with interesting guests from several European countries.

What happens when more than 170 musicians from České Budějovice join their forces?

What happens when more than 170 musicians from České Budějovice join their forces?

What happens when more than 170 musicians from České Budějovice join their forces? You will hear an ODE TO MY CITY! You don't believe it? Come and see for yourself. Mark Thursday 20 June in your calendar and come to the biggest concert in our city´s history.

Who´s afraid of Božena Němcová?

Who´s afraid of Božena Němcová?

What connects Božena Němcová, George Sand and John D. Rockefeller?

Who supports us

Why do I support the candidacy for ECoC 2028? To make culture work in our city. It should not be an ash heap, but it should be perceived as an integral part of the quality of our city and perhaps even as an engine of its development. And the candidacy for the ECoC 2028 is again such an engine for conceptual work on the development of culture across the public space, the city and the region. And this is a huge opportunity that we must seize.
Lukáš Průdek Director of the South Bohemian Theatre
Budweis has all the prerequisites to become a European Capital of Culture: a rich cultural heritage, a committed local government, a dynamic social and cultural structure and citizens open to the world and Europe. The Alliance Française South Bohemia and its Board of Directors fully support the candidacy of Budweis, especially since in 2028 the selected French city will also have this status of Capital of Culture, which will symbolise the Franco-Czech cooperation and friendship that we strive for on a daily basis at the local level.
Margot Roulland Director of Alliance Française South Bohemia
Budweis lives! We are the southern gateway to Europe and a place where young people from all over the world meet to study, research, learn about the traditions and culture of our country, make friends and enjoy life.
Libor Grubhoffer Director of the Biological Centre of the Academy of Sciences in Budweis


April 2021

Assignment of the Budějovice 2028 Association to the preparation of the candidacy

Budweis residents have always been the driving force of Budweis.

May 2021

Approval of candidacy by the City Council

The candidacy for ECoC 2028 as an opportunity for cultural transformation in the city is approved by the political representation and we get to work.

summer 2021 – summer 2022

Analytical, design and preparation phase

We involve key figures from the city and the region in the preparation of the bid. We distribute 1.5 million CZK in grants. We implement the main accompanying programme of the Kul.turista candidacy and get to know the different city districts, neighbourhoods and communities. We create space for new visions and functional cultural concepts for a 21st century city that reflect the needs of its residents.

September - October 2022

Submission of the application for Round 1 and its presentation

We're submitting the application! In the first round, we answer 26 questions on 60 pages, detailing the artistic concept of the application and demonstrating the city's capacity to host the title of European Capital of Culture 2028. The content of the application remains confidential to the public until mid-October, when all candidate cities present their candidacies to the international jury.

October 2022 - January 2023

2nd round of candidacy

On October 14, 2022, we will find out which of the candidate cities will advance to Round 2 and thus have the chance to further develop and defend their concept. In the second round, we already have something to build on. We can continue what we started and deepen our cooperation with partners in the city and region, implement concrete projects, but also travel across Europe and visit the cities that hold the title of ECoC. And we're bringing one of you with us!

June  2023

Announcement of the winners and awarding of the ECoC title

We believe that the journey to the title can also be the destination. Nevertheless, our goal is winning. Together with you.

The benefits of candidacy in numbers

These are the results the title of ECoC 2015 brought to Pilsen.

We can expect similar impact here.


organized events

1.2 million

million visitors

580 million 

crowns spent by visitors


 overnight stays


new jobs


shining city in Europe

Source: Tereza Raabová et al., Economic impacT v.o.s: European Capital of Culture

Pilsen 2015: impacts of visitor spending on the economy, 2016

Ideas and questions

Would you like to share your thoughts on how to take our culture a step further? Or are you struggling to find answers to your questions? This is the place to start.

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