Budweis for European Capital of Culture 2028

In 2028, the Czech Republic will be hosting the prestigious event for the European Capital of Culture title. Which city will win? It could be Budweis! How will we do it? What would winning bring to the city? How can you help?


Kul.turista City Center

Kul.turista City Center

We are opening the Kul.turista office this Thursday!

Opening a Kul.tourista office

Opening a Kul.tourista office

Set out to discover the culture of our city.

We stand with Ukraine

We stand with Ukraine

Culture has some of the strongest potential for bringing peace. #SolidaritaUkrajine

Alternativní popisek


Alternativní popisek

and program


April 2021

Entrustment of candidature preparation

The Budweis citizens have been the driving force of Budweis from the start.

May 2021

Approval of candidacy by the City Council

The candidacy for ECoC 2028 as an opportunity for the cultural transformation of the city has been approved by the political representatives and we can get down to work.

summer 2021 – summer 2022

Analytical, propositional and preparatory phase

We are engaging key personalities of the city and region. We are creating space for new visions and functional cultural concepts for a 21st century city that reflect the needs of its people.

September 2022

Submission of application leading up to stage 1

We've got some hard work to do here. We have 60 pages to present our planned cultural development and cultural program for the duration of the ECoC 2028 tenure.

October 2022 - January 2023

Announcement of those advancing to stage 2

Which Czech cities will advance to the second stage? Join us in cheering for Budweis to be among the qualifiers!

August - December 2023

Announcement of the winners, awarding of the ECoC title

We believe that Budweis will take this opportunity to show how far they have come. Keep your fingers crossed! 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽

The benefits of candidacy in numbers

These are the results the title of ECoC 2015 brought to Pilsen.

We can expect similar impact here.


organized events

1.2 million

million visitors

580 million 

crowns spent by visitors


 overnight stays


new jobs


shining city in Europe

Source: Tereza Raabová et al., Economic impacT v.o.s: European Capital of Culture

Pilsen 2015: impacts of visitor spending on the economy, 2016

Ideas and questions

Would you like to share your thoughts on how to take our culture a step further? Or are you struggling to find answers to your questions? This is the place to start.

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