Cultural strategy

The long-term and sustainable development of culture must be based on a solid strategic vision for the city. That is why we have invited Krokem s.r.o. - a member of the Kreia group - to help us develop a new cultural strategy for the period of 2023 - 2035 in close cooperation with key stakeholders and personalities of the city. This marks the first time in modern history that the city has developed a cultural strategy!

What is a cultural strategy?

A cultural strategy defines the city's vision and strategic direction in the field of culture, sets specific conditions for the development of the environment (breeding ground) and the system of cultural support in the city, and defines how the city should approach the support.

Why are we focusing on the cultural strategy during the bid for the ECoC 2028?

The candidacy for ECoC 2028 creates an environment for change in the cultural and social sphere of the city and the region. It helps the city to find a vision for these spheres and develop them. It is closely linked to cultural strategy, which, if the title is won, it thus fulfils and brings to the city, with the help of local actors, projects beyond the scope of the strategy.

Why is the strategy created? What are its objectives?

  • To define the role of culture within the strategic direction of the Statutory City of Budweis.
  • To define the role of the city in the field of culture and arts and the involvement of other institutions and actors.
  • To improve the concept of the system of administration and support of culture (to strengthen the orientation towards strategic management and monitoring), to make grant management more efficient, to bring innovative (non-economic) approaches in supporting culture.
  • Prepare a shared vision for the development of the cultural and creative capital of the city, which contributes to solving the current socio-economic problems and making the city more competitive (braindrain, attractiveness of the location, etc.).
  • Define the roles of contributory organizations in culture established by the Statutory City of Budweis.
  • To analyze the state and conditions of the functioning of culture at the city level and propose measures for its improvement in order to ensure sustainable development of culture and cultural and creative industries.

Who is preparing the strategy?

  • The City of Budweis - commissioning authority

  • Budweis 2028 z.s. - the main coordinator of all activities within the framework of the city's candidacy, including coordination of the development of the cultural strategy and its quality control. The association is entrusted with its operation by the City Council. It reports directly to the City Council, the First Deputy Mayor Mgr. Juraj Thom.
  • Krokem s.r.o., member of Kriea group - creation of the cultural strategy of the city and preparation of partial documents for the application for ECoC 2028. Directly accountable to the City Council, First Deputy Mayor Mgr. Juraj Thom.
  • Department of Culture and Tourism of the Statutory City of Budweis - administrator of all activities related to the preparation of the candidacy, we regularly communicate with them and address individual steps.

It is crucial for us to prepare the strategy with the actors involved and experts who have the will to express their opinions and the desire to actively participate in planning the shape of culture in our city. If you are interested in joining us, please contact us using the form attached below.


REALIZED ON 26.11. 2021

Workshop on the analytical part of the strategy for the development of culture and creative industries of the city of Budweis for the period of 2023 - 2035.


REALIZED ON 11. 2. 2022

The 2nd Workshop on working on cultural pillars for the city's vision took place in the Slavie Theatre. The workshop was attended by about 60 people.


REALISED ON 8. 4.2022

Workshop to develop concrete measures and an action plan for implementation. 

Participants of the 2nd Workshop on the development of cultural strategy at KD Slavie.

What does the strategy contain?

1. Analytical portion

At the end of 2021, analyses were prepared to determine the state of the territory, the local cultural infrastructure, the major cultural actors and their needs, as well as the needs of the local population with regard to culture. Furthermore, we read the current strategic documents of the city, the region, the state and the EU. The analysis was complemented by qualitative research by a cultural anthropologist on the links to city territory and qualitative research on the needs of the residents in the field of culture.

  • Basic socio-economic conditions for the development of culture and creative industries in Budweis

  • Analysis of relevant strategic documents

  • Analysis of the management and financing of culture by the city

  • Mapping of the cultural and creative industries in the Budweis City Region

  • Analysis of current cultural actors and cultural infrastructure

  • Regular cultural events in the city
    Monument care and cultural heritage

  • Educational institutions in the field of culture

  • Workshop on the analytical part of the Strategy for the Development of Culture and Creative Industries of the City of Budweis (November 26th, 2021)

  • Research among cultural actors and other stakeholders

Summary of the analytical part of the Strategy for the Development of Culture and Creative Industries of the City of Budweis for the period of 2023 - 2035

2. Design section

Like any good strategy, it contains a vision, objectives, priorities and measures. It also incorporated a participatory workshop with stakeholders where we worked together to find the city's vision for culture and the main priorities/objectives.

3. Implementation section

In the implementation section we will deal with the concretization of the set objectives and their implementation. We will set out the implementation rules that will describe the way the strategic document will be implemented, they will mainly define, describe and set up the management structure, the system of managing the implementation and the organization of the implementation of the strategy after its approval (among others, the roles, responsibilities and powers of individual actors, the schedule, the budget, a list of activities, the system of monitoring and evaluation of the strategy, the process of creating action plans, etc.).

4. Action plan and repository of topics

The action plan is prepared so that the implementation of the new concept can be started as soon as it is approved. It includes specific projects or activities to be implemented in the coming years. The Action Plan is designed as an open working document that should be continuously updated, refined and completed. The horizon of the Action Plan is proposed to be 2 years with an outlook for the next 3 years.

Finally, we will prepare a list/project ideas folder, which will contain an overview of all activities/projects planned to be implemented, or at least prepared, for the period of the strategic plan.

We are interested in your opinion 🙌🏽

Do you have comments or questions about the process of developing the cultural strategy or its final form? Write us!



Direct contacts for KREIA.CZ team members 👉🏽 Tereza Raabová & Ondřej Špaček


for your cooperation and interest in creating a quality and sustainable cultural environment in Budweis and its surroundings.

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