Kul.turista is opening a new cultural tourist office in Budweis! Take a trip with it to discover the culture of your own city.

How does the Kul.turista office work?

Each month, several neighborhoods will introduce themselves to the rest of the city through the cultural activities of their residents and associations. In four days they will show the best of their cultural traditions, current cultural activities and places of interest.

With the help of the Cultural Tourist Office, the rest of the city will set out to get to know and explore the neighborhoods and their inhabitants and thus become cultural tourists in their own city.

When will the Kul.turista office be operational?

The Kul.turista office started its operation in the first week of spring from the 24th to the 27th of March, 2022 in the very center of the city. From there, it traveled to other neighborhoods for four days each month. The last Kul.tourista took place from the 15th to the 18th of September 2022.

Where will you be able to travel with Kul.turista?

24. 3. - 27. 3. City Center

21. 4. - 24. 4. Havlíčkova kolonie, Mladé, Nové Hodějovice, Vídeňské suburb

19. 5. - 22. 5. Suché Vrbné, Kaliště, Třebotovice

16. 6. - 19. 6. Prague suburb, Prague residential area, Kněžské dvory, Nemanice, Husova kolonie, Nové Vráto

21. 7. - 24. 7.  Sídliště Vltava, České Vrbné, Výstaviště

25. 8. - 28. 8.  Háječek, Linecké suburb, Rožnov

15. 9. - 18. 9.  Šumava, Čtyři Dvory, Stromovka

Any number of districts in a given area will be able to participate in the Kul.turista program.

Who can become a cultural tourist?

Individual cultural activities will be prepared so that practically anyone can become a cultural tourist in their own city. Children, adults, seniors and residents with special needs.

What cultural activities can cultural tourists look forward to?

The program will be slightly different in each neighborhood. The individual neighborhoods will showcase places that are typical for them. We are looking forward to guided sightseeing walks, musical and theatrical performances by local choirs and ensembles, creative activities for schoolchildren and students, storytelling about local mementos, neighborhood festivals and big get-togethers.

You can also get involved in activities to improve our town's environment. Let's come together to clean up the creeks and ponds, the unsightly nooks and crannies we encounter in the city, or plant new life in neglected patches in our neighborhoods

How to get involved in Kul.turista?

Everyone in the city can get involved in Kul.turista by participating or creating.
In each neighborhood we are reaching out to the most significant social actors, which can be cultural institutions, educational institutions - schools, kindergartens, clubs, interest groups - e.g. fire brigades, sports clubs, nursing homes, clubs and active residents.

With the help of these actors, we want to involve other residents of the neighborhoods. There will be one coordinator in each neighborhood who will help Budweis 2028 to coordinate activities in the neighborhoods.

How to organize your own neighborhood event?

Get to know your neighbors! Break taboos, get to know your neighbors, change your street, start a tradition! You can start right away with Kul.turista!

Maybe you've thought of turning your street into an outdoor café, a temporary theatre or a playground for children? Organize a bazaar, flea market, or swap? Install a book booth in your neighborhood? Or spruce up a neglected corner of the area? If you don't know exactly how to do it, or are discouraged by the idea of the arduous administrative processes involved in organizing such an event, we want to make it easier for you! We have put together this Manual for organizers of activities in public spaces to guide you through the necessary administrative steps.

Manual for organizers CZ

Ideas & Questions

Do you have ideas for a Kul.turista program in your neighborhood but don't have the time to get involved? No problem!

Send them to us via this form and we'll pass them on to the most appropriate people for implementation. We would also appreciate your suggestions for expanding the above attached manual.

By submitting the form, the participant agrees to the processing of personal data provided in the form by Budějovice 2028, z.s., registered office Ot. Ostrčil 179/13, České Budějovice, IČO 10683038.

Personal data will be processed for the purpose of private communication with the participant regarding the candidacy of the City of České Budějovice for European Capital of Culture. The processing will continue until consent is withdrawn. By submitting the form, the participant acknowledges that he/she has the right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data at any time, for example by sending an e-mail or a letter to the organizer. At the same time, the participant acknowledges that the withdrawal of consent does not affect the processing of personal data that took place before the withdrawal.

All images of participants taken in connection with the European Capital of Culture project may be used to promote the event or the organizer without any claim to compensation to the participants. If you wish to request a download of the image material, please contact the organizer by email at lucie.bilkova@budejovice2028.cz

Let's do it together 🙌🏽
Lucie Boušková Kul.turista Project Manager


Kul.turista is organized by the Budweis 2028 association, which is preparing the city's candidacy for the European Capital of Culture 2028. The association will be the main coordinator of the activities of the first cultural festival in the city center. All subsequent Kul.turista events will be implemented by the association in cooperation with a local resident, who will become a kind of liaison officer for the association and for other citizens in the district.

Contact person:

Lucie Boušková
Kul.turista Project Manager

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