Opening ceremony of the South Specific 2024

Come to the opening of a unique site-specific theatre festival that will combine the power of České Budějovice - European Capital of Culture 2028, Continuo Theatre, South Bohemian Theatre and REZI.DANCE Komařice. 

Be part of the opening ceremony of the festival's zero year. What can you look forward to?

WHEN: 17. 5.

WHERE: náplavka pod Dlouhým mostem

Admission to the opening programme (except for the performance South Bohemian Odyssey) is free.


A concert for children full of wild songs and crazy dances spiced up with interactive communication with the child audience. The well-received concert is intended for children, but thanks to many verbal jokes, even the adult accompaniment will not be bored.

There are six of them, but they play twelve musical instruments.
They were nurtured by the Prague club scene and grew up in the new-circus cage of Circus La Putyka. Now they are going out to swallow you up with their melodies and rhythms not only from the shows that have conquered the world.

Music critics have reserved the label "unclassifiable" for the band DVA - the duo consisting of Jan Kratochvíl (He) and Bára Kratochvílová (She) materialize their original musical visions by countless means: their idea of what tango should sound like is fulfilled by beatboxing, while fragile folk compositions are backed by the clarinet. They also draw on the aesthetics of cabaret or circus. They then describe stories from their own worlds in their own invented language - which is why their music has come to be called "folklore of non-existent nations".