KUL.TURISTA is back and publishes a list of supported community projects 2024

Thank you very much for your participation in the open call for community projects, which is organized and managed by the České Budějovice - European Capital of Culture 2028, z.ú. organization. The Kul.turista project aims to strengthen civil society in the long term. It provides opportunities for the creation and expression of communities. It gives them tools to operate independently. It connects, supports and teaches. It is a cultural gym.

The list of this year's selected project plans resulting from this year's open call based on the evaluation criteria is as follows:

  • Linecké předměstí – Povltaví community with a project for the development of a community garden and neighborhood festivals

  • Sousedé z Havlindy, z. s. (Havlinda Neighbors) community, z. s. with the Živá paměť Havlindy (Havlinda's Living Memory) project

  • Smetanka Residents' community with a project to revive the street (greenery, bike stands and neighborhood festivals)

  • Kaliště Třebotovice Residents' Association with a Natives’ Reunion (Setkání rodáků) project in the ceramic workshop, exploring the history and context of the place and walks

  • hROM CB z.s. with the C-book project

Congratulations to all those selected. We will soon provide you with more details.