Kul.turista set off into the region. His first visit was in Pošumaví

Kul.turista is an important means for us to meet locals and get more suggestions and information for the creation of the application (Bid Book). We have had a total of seven Kul.turists in České Budějovice. Hundreds of city residents have visited each of them. Kul.turista is an imaginary beacon of the candidacy for the European Capital of Culture in public space. This was well served by the caravan, which became the centre of our cultural tourist office. Hence the abbreviation Kul.turista.

In the first round we had a very positive response to Kul.turista, it would be a shame not to use this energy. Kul.turista will now not only be in the city, but also in the region. Within our 28 Houses platform, which connects cultural houses (and one garden), we have great partners in the region who will be hosting Kul.turista in their cities as part of the first joint project. The first stop of Kul.turista is in Pošumaví.

Pošumaví joined the Kul.turista project with the theme "All the Good Natives". This event took place on the 17th-18th of March in the cities Prachatice and Vimperk. 

Kul.turista in the region is organized by Živá vila and the Municipal Cultural Centre Vimperk as part of the candidacy of České Budějovice for the European Capital of Culture.

We would like to thank all the organisers and our regional partners for their support in our bid for the European Capital of Culture 2028.