Karolína Rachačová

She diversified her studies at "Biskupák" with a year in Passau, and then went on to study Political Science and International Relations, first at the Prague University of Economics and then for a Master's degree in England at the University of Durham. During her undergraduate studies, she continued to explore the world beyond books and completed, for example, an internship in Taiwan. In a similar vein, she chose her professional focus and at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, she devoted herself to strategic planning, building and nurturing the Czech Republic's international relations in science and research across disciplines. For the past four years, she managed the Department of International Cooperation of the CAS, which is responsible for bilateral and multilateral relations of the CAS, including cooperation within the EU. In her spare time, she has been involved in after-school education for children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds and music education within the educational programmes of the Czech Philharmonic.