Martin Kolář

Born on 23. 4. 1984, studied at the Czech Real Gymnasium in Budweis, then at the Faculty of Law of MU in Brno. He volunteered in Budweis for six years in the preparation of the Budweis Majáles festival and for over a year organised concerts wherever he could in Budweis. In Prague, as part of the November 17th celebrations, he built an annual tradition of celebrations under the name Korzo Národní. He also worked for the Linhart Foundation in the administration of the Roxy/NoD, and now he has been making a living for years as a manager of another Budweis local, Ladislav Zibura, for whom he has been arranging travel shows and book publications for six years. After years of exile in Prague, he moved back to Budweis in 2019 with his wife Adéla and three children.