(PERMA)CULTURAL FORUM is an annual programme conference of České Budějovice 2028 - European Capital of Culture. Since 2023, it presents the dramaturgical plan for the coming year as well as related themes, agendas, partners and projects that flourish in České Budějovice. Each year it seeks synergies, brings best practices, opens up new perspectives and puts the local experience in a global context. The Forum will continue in this format until the beginning of 2029 and will always be complemented by a smaller autumn edition focused solely on local partners.

The (PERMA)CULTURAL FORUM 2024 will take place in České Budějovice on 14-15 February 2024. The first day will host inspiring speakers and panellists from the Czech Republic and abroad. The second day will be dedicated to workshops organised by our partners and guests.

2024 is the Year of Rooting. In our view, creating strong roots and a connected mycelium promotes a sustainable cultural environment. Therefore, SUSTAINABILITY is a key theme for České Budějovice 2028. The aim of the Permaculture Forum is to focus on sustainability through the lens of the 3 areas of the winning ECoC bid - CARE, CONNECTION and CREATION, by showcasing the best domestic and international cultural practices.

But first things first. 

We begin the event the night before. And we begin with the ritual of celebration. Celebration of the previous year, of our achievements and memories. We also celebrate all the things we look forward to in 2024. And we celebrate with culture, of course.



CELEBRATION of the Year of Rooting and opening of the (PERMA)CULTURE FORUM.




9:30–10:00  Registration
10:00–10:20 Opening remarks

What conditions does the cultural sector need to thrive in the long term? What challenges do cultural organisations face today? Is care a core principle of sustainable organisational functioning or a superstructure? How to use care as a tool to fulfil potential? How to behave responsibly towards our team, partners and the environment in which we operate? How to share the values that are important to us? Why does our work make sense to us? And what makes us happy?

  • Shawn Anthoni Wright (The Penguin Project / Trans Europe Halles)
  • Petr Dlouhý (Studio ALTA)
  • Maiwaldova akademie (Vzdělávací a kulturní centrum Broumov)
12:20–13:20  Lunch

How far do our relationships go? Can we still exist in today's world without connecting with others? Can we neglect interdisciplinary collaboration? How do quality partnerships contribute to long-term sustainability and continuity? How can we be partners in a competitive environment? How to create and nurture long-term partnerships? How to base partnerships on mutual benefit? How to create synergies?

  • Stefan Teisanu (Cluj Cultural Centre, Culture Next network)
  • Marie Silondi, Pavla Jenková, Žaneta Vávrová (Broumov 2028+)
  • Markéta Málková (REZI.dance Komařice) 

Are we aware of the environmental impacts of our work and what the consequences might be? Are we also aware of the potential for our work to have positive impacts not only on the environment in which we create, but also on the people who live there? Can we start doing things differently from one day to the next? How can we start the process of change? How to communicate change? How to set an example? And why not stop creating at the same time?

  • Martin Honzik (Ars Electronica Festival)
  • Dana Kalistová (Cirkulární dům)
  • Tomáš Novotný (Kreativní mysli)
17:30–18:00 Final discussion
20:00–22:00 Informal networking


Workshop on Sustainability as Care

9:30–11:30 (Beseda)

Shawn Anthoni Wright: The Penguin Project workshop

Workshop on Sustainability as Connection

12:30–14:00 (Beseda)

Stefan Teisanu (Cluj Cultural Centre, Culture Next network)¨

Workshop on Sustainability in Arts
Workshop on Sustainability as Creation

14:30–16:30 (Beseda)

Laura Welzenbach: Ars Electronica workshop