Bianka Machová

She was born in a small town in western Slovakia. She grew up and matured in Czechoslovakia and one of the first books she read was in Czech, because it was not available in Slovakian. Perhaps it was then that she began to form ties to Czech and Bohemia, where she found her second home. Her student years are connected with Prague and the University of Economics. During and after her studies she made several trips abroad. Thanks to her experiences, she gained insight and direction, which she has kept to this day. After returning from her travels, she began to focus on the non-profit sector. First as a volunteer, later as an employee and in recent years as an external specialist in the field of grants, project and financial management. She has been involved in the development of several successful organisations in South Bohemia. Recent examples include Kabinet CB, FOKUS Budweis, Hluboká v pohybu, Atelier TVOR and Chleba se solí.