For the first time in modern history, our city has a cultural strategy!

It was approved by the council - without a single dissenting vote. It is the result of a year's work and an important milestone in the preparation of the application for the European Capital of Culture.

The strategy, according to which we should develop and support culture over the next ten years, is above all a plan to improve the quality of life for all of us in Budweis and the South Bohemian Region.

What will the cultural strategy ensure?

  • Care for infrastructure, people, their competences, relationships and sufficient availability of resources
  • better presentation of cultural projects and their improved accessibility

  • development of talent, creative education and access to cultural heritage
  • supporting communities and neighbourhood relations

More than 2,000 Budweis residents, local cultural actors as well as artists and experts from all over the country were involved in the process.

Culture positively influences the quality of life in our city. It has demonstrable economic and social impacts on the city's residents and visitors. It makes the city more prosperous. That is why we must continue to develop and support culture and put more funding towards it.
Tomáš Hrivnák