Kul.turista Sucháč

In May we explored another part of Budweis together - Suché Vrbné, Třebotovice and Kaliště. Many organisations from the area joined the event, including the Czech-English Gymnasium. How did the students perceive the event and its organisation and what did it bring them? 

As you know, Budweis is a candidate for the title of European Capital of Culture 2028. As part of the candidacy, interesting events are taking place in our city within the Kul.turista project, which aims to bring the different parts of the city closer together while also bringing neighbours from the surrounding area closer as well. Čag has been approached as an important institution in the Suché Vrbné district. Our task was to prepare a programme for 2 days. And as it is common at Čag, we combined this event with a charity.

The entire second team was involved in the project, helped by the experienced team at Dobrodruh and on Friday also by the Eco Seminar team. Together they managed to put together a great and entertaining programme for children and parents alike, bringing the beautiful park to life.

Thank you to all colleagues, parents and students! Without your passion and enthusiasm, this would not have been possible. And what's the best part of it all? The event once again raised money, which together with the proceeds from the charity fair in early May, which we organised with the Agricultural High School, totalled over 20,000 crowns. This will be doubled thanks to the Via Foundation. The money will go to the St. Veronica Home Hospice in Suchý Vrbný.

– Mrs. Květa Tůmová, secondary school teacher at the Czech-English Gymnasium

And what did the event give us besides money? Much more! Read the students' reactions! Tissues necessary!

– Mrs. Květa Tůmová, secondary school teacher at the Czech-English Gymnasium

In my opinion, the event was very successful and I think people enjoyed everything. We were very busy on Thursday, we helped until 17:30, all the food was sold and the horseshoe painting was very successful. Friday was not as busy, but as a class the day brought us very close together. The trip to the hospice was great fun, the hospice had refreshments on hand which we thoroughly enjoyed on a hot day. The event was very good and I am looking forward to the next one.

— Student E. P. —

The Kul.turista event gave me an insight into kindness. It gave me a sense of joy for the good deed I did. I feel proud of myself for helping. I have also become more connected with the class, which is important to me. I thoroughly enjoyed the event.

- Student A. S.

I think we did a good job. I'm glad we could try such an event. It was fun for us and the kids who came with their parents.

— Student E. N. —

We prepared the event a few months in advance. Thanks to the previous event we had the opportunity to prepare well and Kul.turista became even easier. Thursday was more lively than Friday. I think the event was a success and I am glad I helped others.

— Student E. T. —

I personally enjoyed the event quite a bit because I was able to be with my class and friends all day. The best part was that we were together all afternoon and improved our class relationships.

— Student L. D. —

The hospice fundraiser made me feel good. I was glad that I could get involved. I enjoyed the event. I spent time with my friends, we did different activities.

— Student V. D. —

On Thursday, June 19th and Friday, June 20th, I helped at the charity fair as part of Kul.turista. We sold food, different books or cosmetics. The proceeds went to help people in the care of St. Veronica's Home Hospice. I think we all had a great time. The children played and the parents had coffee. It was a bit of a reunion for our class because we didn't get along much before. I really liked the walk to the hospice and the face painting. I would love to do it again and hopefully we can work together on another event.

- Student A. H.

I rate the event positively because it raised money for the hospice, therefore it was a good deed and we helped people to improve their last moments for example. I feel that my classmates enjoyed it and tried something new.

— Student S. B. —

Last week on Thursday and Friday I went with the class to organise a charity fair for the hospice and Kul.tourista. I was in the management group with my classmates - the girls and I looked after the booths and also helped others. I think it gave me the ability to interact with people better and get to know my classmates from other classes. I also learned how to bake well because of this event. I hope that events like this will happen more often. I am glad that this event was successful and that I helped.

— Student N. J. —

I rate the event itself very positively, everyone's participation was admirable and quite a lot of money was raised. The event helped people in need and I support that a lot just because everyone could be in the same situation.

- Student T. V.