We are publishing a list of supported projects focused on working with the communities of the 28 DOMŮ (28 HOUSES) platform

Thank you very much for taking part in the internal call for proposals to support projects aimed at working with communities and active engagement of the public in the 28 HOUSES platform members projects. The call was open to existing members of the 28 HOUSES platform who want to improve their community efforts in their location.

The Kul.turista project aims to strengthen civil society in the long term. It provides opportunities for the creation and expression of communities. It gives them the tools to operate independently. It connects, supports and teaches. It is a cultural gym.

 All the projects were interesting and high quality.

Based on the evaluation criteria, the following organizations were selected with their projects that best fulfilled the requirements of the Kul.turista program:

Živá vila, z. s. (Living Villa) - KOMUNITNÍ ZAHRADA BÍLÝ VIGVAM (WHITE VIGVAM COMMUNITY GARDEN): "Birds sing beautifully and the air is filled with music where we come from."

Krafferova zahrada z.s. (Kraffer’s Garden) - and its project exploring the history of the site.

Naplaveno, z.s. - Connected by landscape.

Spolkový dům Slavonice, o.p.s. (Community House) - architecture, design and public space project.

Jednota Tábor z.s. - Jednota na Cestě (Unity on the Road).

What did we evaluate?


a) Support of the location: focus on the uniqueness, history, traditions, customs of the place / *program directly for the location and local audience / * new and interesting spaces or opportunities for meeting and co-creation / topical linking of a project to the outputs of the Socionaut study surveys from the last year or other challenges and opportunities of the location.
b) Support of the residents: Involve residents in the project / reinforce the relationship with local residents / raising the visibility of local residents / a tool for local residents to express themselves / increase the level of participation in the development of the organization’s program / engage local leading personalities, individuals and creatives.

c) Foster initiatives and engagement of local residents / empower the organisation / focus on participation / strengthen relationships with local governments.
d) Raise awareness and interest in arts and culture - the disciplinary uniqueness of the location and its contribution to a particular art form / develop community efforts through a specific arts activity or cultural events / benefit from the experience of the artist and the community work (audience).

2 – ADDITIONAL IMPACT OF THE PROJECT in relation to the objectives of (PERMA)CULTURE - 40 points

a) Involve a specific group of people / attract and reach out to new audiences / networking / interdisciplinary cooperation.

b) Programme access and availability / removing barriers

c) Artistic value and overlap (creation and production of an artistic work, exceptional artistic value of the output or the process of creation)

d) Sustainability: ecological and environmental focus during the project implementation / project implementation follow-up after completion.


a) connection to and use of local resources (support of the location and use of local potential)
b) prepare the (project) application / financial autonomy of the project
c) applicability to other ECC activities (including benefits and opportunities for new cooperation)