AUDIENCE AMPLIFIER : We are opening an audience development programme for cultural organisations

The title of ECoC (European Capital of Culture) can be perceived as thousands of cultural events to be held in the city, the preparation of which involves cultural organisations, producers, festivals and individual artists. But that is not the whole story. The most important part of it is the audience itself! The ECOC is an exceptional opportunity to involve all residents and visitors of the city in cultural events - even those who are not yet attracted by the cultural organisations on offer.

For cultural organisations in České Budějovice, we are therefore launching the first year of the audience development programme in 2024. Over the course of nine months, the selected organisations will have the opportunity to get to know their existing or potential audiences better and gain skills in audience management, marketing and strategic planning. All with the aim of supporting the development of the organisation and working on their own audience development plans.

There will be 7 workshops and 1 summer school in 2024. Individual mentoring and support throughout the process is also included.


  • the whole programme is in English and with the participation of European experts (group work during the workshops is in Czech),
  • all meetings take place in a group of 11 organisations in České Budějovice,
  • 2 persons per organisation participate in the programme,
  • Participation in all dates is a condition (individual meetings follow each other),
  • participation is free of charge, costs are covered by the Creative Europe project (Creart 3.0) and ECC resources.

Do you want to apply? Read the details below and email by March 11.

The programme will be led by the Impact Foundation, an organisation that has collaborated with ECOC Rijeka 2020, Kaunas 2022 and Trenčín 2026, among others, and will invite other experts from all over Europe to share their experience with us!



In 2024, we are opening the first edition of the Audience Amplifier Programme focused on audience development for culture organisations. During the 9 month programme, 11 organisations will have the opportunity to get to know the audience (or future audience) better and to work on their audience development plans.


The ECoC (European Capital of Culture) title can be seen as thousands of new culture events happening in the city. But that is not the whole story. ECoCs are the starting point of the process of change, multilayered and long-term. It can become an amazing chance to invite citizens (especially those who are not “culture goers”) for a cultural journey beyond the title year and to give them an opportunity to taste various flavours of arts and culture. It can only work if we work together as a culture sector.

Therefore, in the beginning of implementation of (PERMA)CULTURE strategy, we would like to focus on investing in building up our skills in areas of audience development, marketing, strategic planning and audience engagement.


The Audience Amplifier Programme is there to support you – culture organisations – in your audience development efforts. It will give you space to reflect on your strategy and support with reframing it (if needed). It will equip you with a number of skills necessary to successfully reach out to new audiences and strengthen the relationships with existing audiences eg. conducting audience research, programming and planning with (not only for) audiences, communication and front house practices in the context of accessibility and more. 

It will be not only about long-term planning but also introducing quick fixes where and when possible. 

The Audience Amplifier Programme is also a platform for cooperation. It gives us an unique opportunity to combine our efforts and resources to create amazing experiences for audiences, expand their interests, deepen understanding of arts and engage not only in the CB2028 programme but far beyond 2028.


The 2024 is dedicated to culture organisations in České Budějovice. In the following years, the same programme will be open for cultural NGOs and festival producers and for the region.


We are doing (and will do!) our best to accommodate the programme to the busy schedules of culture professionals but for the programme to bring results both time and effort is needed. How much time and effort? We established the minimum, the rest is up to you!   

The programme is planned for 9 months in total. From April till December there will be 7 workshop modules that will take 9 working days (the first and the last are two day workshops). During the holidays we are going to invite you for a 5-day audience research summer school.    

Here is our working schedule:

  • 3.& 4. APRIL - Understanding the audience development process - 2 DAY WS
  • 23. MAY - Audience development strategic planning - 1 DAY WS
  • 12. JUNE - Audience experience and audience engagement - a2: audience development & accessibility. - 1 DAY WS
  • 19.-23. AUGUST - Audience research summer school (including Audience.lab) - 5 DAY AUDIENCE RESEARCH SUMMER SCHOOL
  • SEPTEMBER - The magic of audience engagement - 1 DAY WS
  • OCTOBER “Co” like cooperation, co-creation and community 1 DAY WS
  • NOVEMBER Mastering internets 1 DAY WS

In between there will be individual consultations focusing on you, your case, your organisation. On-line meetings and follow-ups after workshops are also planned.   

There is an “obligatory minimum” that consists of participation in all workshop modules, individual consultations and audience research summer school (including Impact’s “signature workshop” Audience.lab (that means that each participating organisation needs to be represented in all those activities). Additional on-line workshops and meetings are voluntary, optional.   

Each organisation needs to choose/decide on 2 of their employees/collaborators who will represent them in the programme. Those are the main participants. They should be there throughout the whole programme, meaning: at least one of the “main participants” should participate in each workshop. This is to ensure the full understanding, continuity of the process and proper flow of information. “Main participants” can be joined (or one of the replaced) by other employees of the organisation depending on the specific topic of the specific session. 

Example: The main participants of the programme are Tom and Maria. Tom is a curator, Maria is an educator. For the workshop module on communication in social media they are:

1.  joined by Anna who is a communication manager


2. one of them is replaced by Anna. 


  1. Most of all, we are looking for those who want to participate of their own volition :). Want to learn new things, reflect, exchange, cooperate with others. 
  2. It does not matter where and on which level in the organisational structure you are currently placed - if you work with programming, education, communication (or other) nor if you are a manager or you hold an independent position. As long as you are willing to share your learning with your colleagues.   
  3. For practical reasons, as the programme will be mainly conducted in English, at least one of the “main participants” should have a good understanding and communication skills in English. 

The audience development process engages all departments and is reflected in all actions - from programming and education through finances, marketing and communication to the front of the house. Cooperation of your colleagues will be needed!


The programme will be led by Impact Foundation, an organisation that has worked, among others, with the ECoC Rijeka 2020, Kaunas 2022 or Trenčín 2026. Impact will invite several experts from all around Europe to Budweis to share their experiences with us!


The costs are being covered by the CB – EHMK 2028 from the city, region and Creative Europe project (Creart 3.0) funds. 

Therefore there is no participation fee but what is expected from participating organisations is engagement in the whole programme.

Please fill in our short REGISTRATION FORM.

In case of questions or doubts you can always contact Lucie or Agata. 

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