KOMPAS EDUCATION - echoes from the conference

On 10 November 2023, the third annual Compass of Education Conference took place at the Riegrova 51 centre in České Budějovice, bringing together more than 120 school principals, teachers and representatives of the cultural sector. The organisers were České Budějovice - European Capital of Culture 2028 in cooperation with the Regional Office of the South Bohemian Region and the Faculty of Education of the University of South Bohemia.

Through expert contributions, discussions and workshops, the conference provided examples of good practice and opened up opportunities for cooperation between schools and the cultural and artistic sector.

The morning session was full of topical and important issues. Deputy Governor of the South Bohemian Region for Education, Pavel Klíma, together with former Minister of Education Robert Plaga, emphasized the need for rapid adaptation of education to modern times, and the planned digitalization of the admission procedure to secondary schools is one of the important steps towards faster and more efficient. The new South Bohemian School Portal JIHOSKOP will offer a comprehensive and complete overview of education in this area.

Representatives of the Faculty of Education of the Jagiellonian University focused on the presentation of the competency framework for teachers, study programmes of the faculty, the concept of wellbeing and its importance in the context of education. They offered a framework view of the situation in Czech schools and discussed the situation in the South Bohemia region in more detail, looking at current research data. Thank you for the exemplary representation of PF JU!

The afternoon was dedicated to the trend of creative learning and collaboration between schools and artists and cultural institutions. Representatives of the Creative Minds Platform project Lucie Marková and Tomáš Novotný from the team of České Budějovice - European Capital of Culture 2028, unanimously emphasized the need to adapt education to the current needs of modern society. The Creative Minds project has received support from the National Recovery Plan and aims to create a Platform for Creative Learning in the South Bohemian Region, which will connect cultural, artistic and educational actors.

The conference offered interesting presentations and contributions, including theoretical background of creative learning and examples of good practice. The panel discussion highlighted the importance of linking formal and non-formal education, cooperation between schools and cultural institutions and the role of arts and culture in the 21st century.

The Compass of Education conference provided participants not only with an overview of current topics in education, but also with important inspiration and guidance on how to connect education with the world of culture and art. Its importance lies not only in the information presented in the individual sessions, but also in the support and development of projects that emerge from it, which can have a lasting impact on the education system in the South Bohemia Region.

A recording of the entire conference can be found on YouTube kanálu Budějovice 2028