KUL.TURISTA is back! České Budějovice - European Capital of Culture 2028 opens a call for community projects for 2024

The goal of the open call in 2024 is to encourage city residents to develop their neighborhoods and strengthen community life. Take the opportunity to make new projects happen and get involved in the ECC programme!

Communities of České Budějovice can apply with their projects.

What you'll get:

  • inspiration and new ideas in 5 meetings (workshops) from March to September
  • working together to refine or develop the projects you submit
  • up to 50 000 CZK for the implementation of your project/event in 2024

What we expect:

Submitted projects can foster a sense of belonging, interest in the neighbourhood, involve residents in public and cultural life or care for the place where they live.

Possible project focus:

  • reviving/improving neighbourhood relations
  • search for local identity, focus on neighbourhood history
  • mapping the neighbourhood and transforming the place (dangerous places, neglected, abandoned but somehow important for the local people,...)
  • concrete collaboration with local artists, creatives, craftsmen, entrepreneurs, DIYers
  • promotion of intergenerational relations - e.g. cooperation with a senior citizens' home
  • linking and cooperation between two or more interest groups - e.g. sports clubs, schools, kindergartens, clubs / cooperation with an organisation from the non-profit, social sector
  • courtyards and courtyards (adaptation to a meeting place, with activities, programme...), school playgrounds
  • environment, living environment, nature protection.

Evaluation criteria:


a) promoting a place - focusing on its uniqueness, history and/or creating new and exciting places for gathering, accessible and popular culture or collaborative work
b) support for residents (local personalities, individuals, creatives)
c) strengthening the initiative and commitment of local residents / strengthening relations with local government
d) community growth and empowerment - strengthening community relations and/or public engagement outside the community

FURTHER IMPACT OF THE PROJECT in relation to the objectives of (PERMA)CULTURE - up to 40 points

a) involvement of a specific group of inhabitants / linking of organisations and individuals within an event / neighbourhood / linking and cooperation of different actors with different focuses
(b) artistic overlap (creation and production of a collaborative work of art / exceptional artistic value of the output or process of creation)
c) sustainability of the project - continuity with the implementation of the project after its completion
d) ecological and environmental focus

REASONABILITY - up to 20 points

(a) connection to local resources and financial autonomy of the project
(b) applicability to other ECC activities
(c) already involved in the ECC

Anything you want to ask? Write to: lucie.bouskova@budejovice2028.cz