Kul.turista Kozácko: Cultural Feast

Cultural organisations serve as focal points for neighbourhoods and districts. They are the carriers of the artistic and social life of the city. In the Tábor region, several organisations have decided to support the candidacy of Budweis for the title of European Capital of Culture 2028, through Kul.turista in the South Bohemian Region.
Kul.turista in Kozáček was organized by Oskar Nedbal Theatre Tábor, Tábor Municipal Library, Knihy Jednota Café, Cesta, Okraje Gallery, Naplaveno Jistebnice and Budějovice 2028.

On Saturday, the Tábor Municipal Library opened its doors to visitors. It prepared the third annual cipher game through the streets of Tábor, an exhibition of works by pupils of the Oskar Nedbal Art School and a tour of the library.

We parked the Kul.turistic caravan of the Budějovice 2028 team in front of Knihy Jednota Café. At the caravan, locals could fill in a map of Tábor. We asked them where they think it is alive with culture, where it used to be alive with culture, what places they are proud of and where it is not so alive, but could be. 

The Oskar Nedbal Theatre Tábor also took part in the programme. Throughout the afternoon, visitors could taste sandwiches at Café Oskar in the foyer or watch a unique documentary mapping the cultural activities of dozens of Tábor's heroes who contributed to the development of social activities of the city after 1989.

What is theatre? How and why was it created and what can we take away from it?
A lecture programme with Lucie Otradovcová, full of games and activities for the whole family, which will give a vivid insight into how theatre has evolved over time and what its basic principles are. Imitation of prehistoric ritual, ancient chorus, medieval religious theatre or Renaissance farce in beautiful scenery. Emotion, improvisation, a baroque spectacle in motion.

The programme continued with a guided tour of the theatre. A walk behind the scenes and through the history of the unique theatre building with the director of the theatre Linda Rybáková. Old and new, exhibitions and a piano demonstration of Nedbal's works performed by Nela Kropíková.

A unique dernissage of Karolina Rossí's exhibition within Kul.turista was organized by Okraje Gallery. SURA as a tone, sound, vibration, transmission of information, way of communication. All the things we see, hear, perceive, vibrate. Images and objects inspired by laughter by Karolina Rossi, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in the studio of Vladimir Kokola.

We ended the day with the independent culture space Cesta. Bar, fire, sausages and concerts of great bands - Doors, Gerda Blank, Sinks.

On Sunday we moved to Jistebnice. The program started with a performance of the children's choir of the Jistebnice Primary School, continued with a performance of the new circus ensemble Holektiv called Letkyně, a concert of Ukrainian folk songs and a rich accompanying program. There was also an urban planning workshop led by Socionaut studio, the Budějovice 2028 team with a feeling map, Výhybka Gallery from Milevsko, the Jistebnice Ornamental Association, the sheltered workshop and shop VILLA VALLILA, the production of the ZIN magazine with Tereza Lišková and the Jednota Book Cafe from Tábor. The day ended with a concert of the Swing Band Tábor.

Thank you to all organizers and visitors!

Photo: Vladimír Batysta