Kul.turista Prácheňsko: May Piknik

Kul.turista with his caravan sets off for the region. As part of our 28 Houses platform, which connects cultural houses (and one garden), we have great partners in the region who are hosting Kul.turista in their cities as part of the first joint project. This time Kul.turista went to Prácheň region.

From 5th to 8th May Kul.turista visited Písek (Sladovna Písek and Travel cafe Písek), Malovice (Plum Yard and Continuo Theatre), Volyně (Kultura Volyně), Týn nad Vltavou (Týn nad Vltavou Municipal Gallery) and Blatná (Plantáž Blatná).

Týn nad Vltavou - Týn nad Vltavou Municipal Gallery (Community Centre Vltavotýnská)

In Týn nad Vltavou, we set up our caravan on the square and surveyed the relationship to the city directly from the locals with the help of a feeling map. We asked them about the places where they think the culture is alive, what places in the city they are proud of and where they would like to see change. 

Inside the Vltavotýnská Community Centre, a socio-urban workshop was held throughout the day by the Socionaut association, with which Budějovice's candidacy for the European Capital of Culture (ECoC) has been cooperating for a long time. Thanks to their research, we are familiar with the needs and wishes of the locals, which we were able to incorporate into the application we are submitting for the final round of the ECoC competition.

The whole day also included a cooking workshop with Daniela Mášová at the Community Centre, which focused on using local resources and rescuing food that in many cases would end up in the trash.  

The afternoon was dedicated to a slam poetry performance - the first one ever in Týn nad Vltavou. Local slam poets Karolína Kamenická, Šimon Felenda and Anaton Svahilec performed. It is hard to describe the energy, positive feedback and support the slamer performance earned from the audience. It is almost certain that the performers laid the foundations of the local slamer tradition.

Písek (Sladovna Písek, Travel cafe Písek)

At the same time, an event called "Daisy's 100th Birthday Picnic" was held to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Daisy Mrázková's birth.

Sladovna (malt house) Písek prepared a pleasant sitting, crayons, English time and cookies for the visitors. In the afternoon there was a reading from Daisy Mrázková's books. The highlight was the opening of the new exhibition DAISY 100 Waiting for Sunday.

In the courtyard of the popular Travel cafe Písek, visitors were invited to attend a workshop on tying spring flowers and making their own batik t-shirt/jumper/skirt.

photo: Sladovna Písek

Malovice (Švestkový Dvůr)

On Saturday, the Švestkový Dvůr (Plum Yard) opened its doors to the public with a rich cultural programme.

During this May picnic, visitors could try to perform a hand puppet show. Five original stand-alone puppet theatre constructions were prepared with different backdrops and a set of puppets designed for a public space open for the whole family to play and develop their imagination. Visitors could also take part in an art workshop led by lecturers from Víc z Netolic and a fairy tale by Cylindr Theatre called My name is Eagle.

photo: Švestkův Dvůr

Volyně - Kultura Volyně (Park at Ostrovec)

Volyně offered a picnic menu in the park by the river. What did it contain? Slam poetry performed by Honza Dibitanzl and Šimon Felenda, concerts by the bands Blums, Mittinspitin, Nick the Hippie and Květinové děti and the travelling caravan of Kul.turisty with a feeling map. There was also a selection of coffee, cakes and lots of other goodies.


The May picnic in Strakonice, on the other hand, revived the street in front of the Espresso Barmeo café. Here you could also meet the Kul.turista's caravan with a feeling map, experience slam poetry and listen to a concert. A pleasant time in the city centre.

Blatná (Kulturní Plantáž Blatná)

This year's Freedom celebration in Blatná took the form of a street swing picnic. The embankment danced and rang with the melodies of Glenn Miller performed by the oldest European big band - the Karel Vlach's Orchestra. The swing afternoon was also enlivened by the Czech slam poetry champions.

Thanks to all partner organizations for the wonderful events!

Thanks to Baty for the photos!