Kul.turista at Mardi Gras

13:00  - 17:00
KD Slávie
Jirsíkova 2, Budweis

The first Kul.turista will take to the streets as early as 1. 3. 2022 in a carnival procession from the KD Slavie Theatre.

Come along and get involved in the production of carnival masks in cooperation with Klub Aktiv, Malý Theatre and Kabinet CB.


  • From 13:00 - creative intergenerational workshops in the large auditorium of KD Slavie.

Come and soak up the atmosphere of carnival preparations and the smell of doughnuts, share your memories of previous carnivals in your town or village, get inspired by the customs of our ancestors and make simple traditional masks using recycled materials.

  • At 14:30, the Malý Theatre will arrive with its Džubox (Jukebox) and mask rental booth in front of KD Slavie.
  • At 15:45 you can join the exuberant carnival parade, which will leave from KD Slavie and proceed to Přemysl Otakar II Square.

We are looking forward to seeing you!