Lecture on European cooperation projects

The first of a series of seminars and workshops accompanying the preparations for the candidacy of Budweis for the title of ECoC 2028. The aim of the lecture was to expand knowledge and transfer experience in financing international projects.

At the same time, it is important for the ECoC to have an idea of the ongoing and planned cooperation between Budweisian and South Bohemian cultural actors. We also want to build on these when establishing the European dimension of the candidacy.

Sylvie Amann from Linz, a former member of the commission selecting the ECoC title holders, will consult on the European dimension of the application starting in January.


  • Reflect on the objectives of the project, the merits of the challenge for the organisation.
  • The criteria of the call should be in line with the strategic objectives of the organisation's development.
  • Do not adapt the project to the call, but rather the opposite.
  • Ideally choose a partner based on previous knowledge (e.g. from a conference).
  • Proceed from smaller to larger (both in terms of the complexity of the project and the number of partners involved).
  • At the beginning, take the opportunity to be involved as a partner, not a promoter.



If you are seeking a partner, you may contact us directly: 

Creative Europe Culture Office 

Institute of Arts - Theatre Institute

Magdalena Müllerová

+420 602 838 491



This office will then send out the form to the other Creative Europe offices.